1. Breakfast at the Four Seasons

2. Boat ride to Molokini - make sure to check out the back side of the crater too

3. Sit on the Four Seasons beach and watch for humpbacks Dec-March

4. Morimotos (at the Andaz)  **Ramen soup and house made donuts.

5. Mamma's Fish House

6. La Perouse Bay

7. Big Beach ** frozen banana covered in chocolate is a must


Has anyone heard of The Griswalds? I mean, you should know them, unless your mom banned you from everything good in life. The Griswalds Head to Maui would be the movie title of this family vaca (boyfriend's family). It started with the drive out to Paia and Makawao - a $50 prize to whoever could find Nana's old lady musk (joking Nana, it smells amazing) the quickest. Update - no one found the exact bottle... but we did go on an hour adventure asking everyone in Makawao for it. And to cap the trip off... it ended with a flood warning (RAIN??). The amount of laughs made the rain disappear and the days go by way too fast.